Williamsfield water tower

Williamsfield Community Fund Awards First Grants

The Williamsfield Community Fund awarded grants to the nonprofit Williamsfield Parks Association to complete the disc golf course at Doubet-Benjamin Park and to the Village of Williamsfield to clean the water tower.

“These grants are the first of many that will benefit the Williamsfield community today and years into the future,” said Dustin Courson, chair of the Williamsfield Community Fund advisory board. “I want to thank all of the donors who are supporting this permanent resource for the good of our community.”

The Williamsfield Community Fund is a fund of the Galesburg Community Foundation. It was developed in 2021 when the community raised $25,000 that was matched by the Community Foundation for an initial investment of more than $50,000.

The Williamsfield Community Fund is an endowed fund, which is a permanent fund where the principal is invested and grows forever. Guided by a local advisory board, a portion of the returns are awarded locally as grants to charitable organizations, offering valuable services and programs to the Williamsfield community.

Learn more about or make a gift to the Williamsfield Community Fund.You can also talk to a Williamsfield Community Fund advisory board member: Jeffrey Campbell, Dustin Courson, Megan Kraft, Lora Kukat, Joanie Stiers, or Lee Strom.

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