Investing for the future

At Galesburg Community Foundation, we work with you to support the causes you care about in the best ways possible. Stewardship of the assets you entrust to us is one of our most important responsibilities. We invest your gifts to support charitable giving now and for generations to come.

The Highest Standards

As a public charity, we adhere to the highest standards of operational excellence and are confirmed in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. Our reaccreditation provides assurance that we have sound policies and practices in place and meet the highest standards for local giving.

To ensure the accuracy of our financial statements, we retain an independent auditor annually to conduct an audit in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.

“Meeting the National Standards benchmarks is a comprehensive process. This reaccreditation is a significant accomplishment that indicates Galesburg Community Foundation demonstrates a commitment to transparency, quality, integrity, and accountability as it carries out its mission.”

- David Erickson, Galesburg Community Foundation Board Chair

Our Investment Team

The Galesburg Community Foundation Board of Directors has ultimate fiduciary responsibility for all donor funds. The Board works closely with staff and the Community Foundation’s Investment Committee, a local group of financial experts who manage investments to maintain the spending power of the gifts you make to the Community Foundation. Working together, we invest for the long term, mitigating risk to ensure a steady stream of grant funding into the community.

We also partner with SouthCol, an investment consulting firm, who works alongside our Investment Committee to oversee our investment structure and make sure that it aligns with our mission to build a stronger, healthier region

Shawn Hedden

Let's connect

To request the Auditor Report, our IRS Form 990, or if you have questions about how donations are invested, call Shawn Hedden, Director of Finance, at 309.344.8898.

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Haley Sloss

Charitable Giving Coordinator

Short Bio

Haley provides support to enhance the function and success of the Charitable Giving and Affiliate Teams. She ensures donors receive a personal approach to philanthropy through outstanding customer service by supporting charitable giving for donors and fund holders across the state.