A new approach to food insecurity

Convened in 2021 by Galesburg Community Foundation, the Hunger Collaborative is comprised of individuals and leaders from more than 30 local nonprofits both directly and indirectly involved in food assistance.

The Community Foundation brought these organizations together after observing how they began collaborating in new ways in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw an opportunity to keep that collaboration moving forward and to direct resources in a different way.

The focus of the Hunger Collaborative isn’t getting food on the table—though that is a critical piece of the puzzle. Together, they are working to develop strategies to reduce hunger by addressing its root causes. Those strategies will become realities thanks to more than $1.4 million entrusted to the Community Foundation by the Knox County Board, along with $750,000 invested by the Community Foundation itself and more than $100,000 generously contributed by local residents. Make a gift to the Hunger Collaborative.

In addition to direct, immediate need for food, the Hunger Collaborative has identified four priority root causes of hunger: access to and awareness of services, workforce and skills readiness, housing and homelessness, and transportation. For each area, small groups are crafting strategies for multi-year grants.

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Flexibiliy for nonprofits

The Hunger Collaborative has an open, ongoing grant cycle to fund projects. This flexibility gives the nonprofits time to develop solutions organically. Through ongoing discussions and collaboration, nonprofits can assess needs and work toward fighting the root causes of hunger. The grant application is currently open through 2024.

SkillsUSA students Alice Greene and Axel Holt

“I believe that food is a right, not a luxury. And I knew that to get this collaboration rolling, it would take money. That’s why I felt it was important to give a significant donation. It’s been exciting to see organizations come to the table together for the first time, and that holds great benefit down the road not just in food, but in other areas as well.”

- Dr. John McClean, Galesburg Community Foundation Board Member

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To learn more or to participate in the Hunger Collaborative, call Jillian Isaacson, Director of Grants & Programs, at 309.344.8898.

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