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Leaving a legacy through an endowment is a powerful and enduring way to make a lasting impact on a cause you care about. It’s a financial commitment to an organization—whether it be in the field of education, healthcare, the arts, or any other area you’re passionate about—that transcends your lifetime, creating a ripple effect of positive change for generations to come.

An endowment is a gift that is never spent. The initial gift to create the fund and any future contribution to the fund is invested. A percentage of the value is distributed to the organization annually. Interest earned above and beyond the spend rate—evaluated annually by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors—is reinvested into the fund, ensuring future growth.

When you create or invest in an existing endowment fund, you’re providing stability and resources in the present as well as seeds for future opportunities for growth, innovation, and impact. Endowment funds offer critical stability for nonprofits and your community by providing reliable, predictable financial support even—and especially—in uncertain economic times.

Endowments are legacy of compassion, vision, and commitment that transcends the boundaries of time and stands as a testament to the enduring power of philanthropy.

“I had thought before of just giving where I wanted, when I wanted. But this endowment has meant so much more because it is permanent and it doesn’t depend on me or anyone else now. I appreciate the Community Foundation for helping me with it. They took my hand and led me through the process. Not only was it easy, but it’s one of the better things I have done in my lifetime.”

- Marge Dickinson, Galva Arts Council Endowment Fund

What are the benefits to nonprofits?

In addition to perpetual support and predictability, endowments offer nonprofits the following benefits:

Supporting Long-Term Goals: Endowments are particularly powerful in supporting long-term goals and initiatives that might require significant funding over extended periods. This can include capital projects and other endeavors that have a profound impact but may not be feasible with limited annual funding.

Encouraging Innovation: An endowment provides security and empowerment. By having a reliable financial foundation, nonprofits can focus more on their core mission and innovative approaches, rather than solely on fundraising and day-to-day survival.

Enhancing Impact: By leveraging resources, endowments can magnify the influence of donors and help address complex societal challenges on a larger scale.

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Galesburg Community Foundation exists to create permanent endowments to benefit the residents of Knox and Warren counties. We look forward to working with you to discover the most meaningful and effective way to make a difference in your community forever. 

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