Collaboration builds stronger teacher pathways

Participants in the teacher pathways gathering funded by grants from Galesburg Community Foundation and the Compeer Financial Rural Collaboration Project.

Investing in the development and retention of talented teachers does more than enrich the lives of students. “It also serves as a catalyst for economic growth and vitality within the region,” says Joshua Gibb, President & CEO of Galesburg Community Foundation. To find ways to attract and retain teachers in Knox, Warren, and Henderson counties, […]

A reimagined Knox-Galesburg Symphony

Knox-Galesburg Symphony performance in their the new Symphony Center.

An endowment match from Galesburg Community Foundation will help support the nonprofit as it expands its reach to more people through music performance and education for years to come.

Community Funds building momentum

The Monmouth Community Fund reached their fundraising goal to endow the fund and awarded community grants to six local nonprofits. One of those nonprofits was the Buchanan Center for the Arts for their Art Presenter Program for local grade schools.

What if there was a mechanism to keep wealth in local communities?
Community Funds are endowed funds of Galesburg Community Foundation that are guided by local advisory boards and empowered to award grants that positively impact communities in our region.

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Haley Sloss

Charitable Giving Coordinator

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Haley provides support to enhance the function and success of the Charitable Giving and Affiliate Teams. She ensures donors receive a personal approach to philanthropy through outstanding customer service by supporting charitable giving for donors and fund holders across the state.