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Enhancing Classroom Experiences: Community Funds Award Mini Grants to Teachers

Community Funds in Alexis, Knoxville, Monmouth, and Roseville are supporting local teachers by awarding mini grants to enhance the classroom experience.

Some of the projects that will be funded include forensic science lab materials at Knoxville High School, an outdoor learning oasis at United Junior High School, and an American Sign Language Curriculum at Monmouth-Roseville High School.

“By providing flexible funding directly to educators, mini grants not only bolster classroom learning but also foster a sense of support and appreciation within the local community for the crucial work teachers do every day,” said Sarah Grant, Director of Development at the Galesburg Community Foundation.

Mini grants receive funding from Community Funds, which are funds of Galesburg Community Foundation. Each Community Fund has a local advisory board that is empowered to award grants that positively impact their community and residents. Because they are endowments, Community Funds grow forever, creating a permanent source of financial support for local needs.

To expand funding for teachers in the United School District this year, the United 304 Foundation Fund co-funded grants with the Alexis Community Fund for United North Elementary School and the United 304 Foundation Fund co-funded grants with the Becky Carlson Teacher Mini Grant Fund for grants at United West Elementary School.

“Through collaboration, these funders are amplifying their impact,” said Joshua Gibb, President and CEO of Galesburg Community Foundation. “By pooling resources and expertise, they’re not just supporting educators; they’re investing in the future of our students.”

Below is a list of teachers, schools, projects, and funders of teacher mini grants for the 2024-25 academic year.

Knoxville CUSD #202

  • Jennifer Black, Knoxville High School – Forensic Science Lab Materials (Knoxville Community Fund)
  • Deborah Dunlap, Knoxville High School – Start German Program (Knoxville Community Fund)
  • Jolene Parrish, Mable Woolsey Elementary School – Art Supplies (Knoxville Community Fund)
  • Kaelee Potter, Mable Woolsey Elementary School – Building Academic, Creativity, and Functional Skills Supports (Knoxville Community Fund)
  • Katie Smith, Knoxville High School – Life Skills Enrichment (Knoxville Community Fund)
  • Ellen Shrader – Mable Woolsey Elementary School, Young Students Need Keyboarding Skills (Knoxville Community Fund)
  • Katie Frey, Knoxville Junior High – STEM Recharge (Knoxville Community Fund)
  • Amy Hopper, Knoxville Junior High – STEM Cricut Creations (Knoxville Community Fund)
  • Terrah Myers, Mable Woolsey Elementary School – Math Professional Development Book Study (Knoxville Community Fund)

United CUSD #304

  • Keeley Brinkmeier, United North Elementary – Flexible Workspace for Active Learning: Enhancing Collaboration and Creativity (Alexis Community Fund, United 304 Foundation Fund)
  • Lynsey Temple, United North Elementary –Classroom Library Improvements (Alexis Community Fund, United 304 Foundation Fund)
  • Melinda Fry, United Junior High School – Outdoor Learning Oasis (United 304 Foundation Fund)
  • Nikki Robertson, United West Elementary – Classroom Materials (Becky Carlson Teacher Mini Grant Fund, United 304 Foundation Fund)
  • United North Elementary – Operation Kindergarten Success (Alexis Community Fund, United 304 Foundation Fund)
  • Mindy Murray, United North Elementary – If You Build a Library, They Will Read (United 304 Foundation Fund)
  • Bethany Allen, United West Elementary – Classroom Library (United 304 Foundation Fund, Becky Carlson Teacher Mini Grant Fund)
  • Chelsea Logsdon, United West Elementary School – SEL Sensory Room (United 304 Foundation Fund, Becky Carlson Teacher Mini Grant Fund)
  • Anna Hinton, United Junior High School – Outdoor Learning Oasis (United 304 Foundation Fund, Becky Carlson Teacher Mini Grant Fund)
  • Breanna Ryner, United North Elementary – SEL Learning (United 304 Foundation Fund, Alexis Community Fund)
  • Kelsi Kleine, United West Elementary – Sensory Room/Office (United 304 Foundation Fund, Becky Carlson Teacher Mini Grant Fund)

Monmouth-Roseville CUSD #238

  • Cammy Davis, Central Intermediate School – Flexible Classroom Seating (Monmouth and Roseville Community Funds)
  • Nicole Trego, Monmouth-Roseville High School – American Sign Language Curriculum (Monmouth and Roseville Community Funds)

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