Supporting Our Region During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adam Vitale is encouraging everyone to give to the Rapid Response Fund, as no donation is too small.

The G.L. Vitale Family Foundation called an emergency board meeting as soon as the foundation’s vice president, Adam Vitale, caught wind of the Galesburg Community Foundation’s Rapid Response Fund.

“This fund is critical right now,” Adam said. “We knew we wanted to donate right away because the Community Foundation is well respected and we are in a great time of need, for our community and our whole country.”

The Rapid Response Fund was established with support from the Twomey Foundation, the G.L. Vitale Family Foundation, the McClean Family Endowment Fund, the Warren County United Way and the United Way of Knox County. The organizations have committed $145,000 to support local nonprofits directly responding to emergencies or disasters impacting communities in Knox and Warren Counties.

The Rapid Response Fund is important now, and in the future, Vitale said because of one key element: the funds stay local. “There are obviously other wildly important organizations to support, but you don’t always know exactly where the money is going,” he said. “The fact that this will support local needs right now was a big reason for us to give.”

Josh Gibb, president, and CEO at the Community Foundation said the fund will ensure local nonprofits can provide critical services during the COVID-19 pandemic, and during future emergency responses. The Community Foundation will administer grants from the Rapid Response Fund in collaboration with public health and safety response efforts. “The donations made to this fund are not only an investment in these organizations during our current crisis, but also an important resource as we prepare for the future,” Josh said.

Adam said he wasn’t surprised the Community Foundation stepped forward to bring people together, and that they were able to do so quickly. “The Vitale Foundation is small and we couldn’t handle the administration of something like the Rapid Response Fund,” he said. “The Community Foundation is going to do a great job operating this fund and the benefits will be maximized across our communities.”

He hopes to see the funds serve people with the greatest need. “We want to help the people on the frontlines, and the people who get overlooked,” he said.

Adam is encouraged by the response of the community to unite and help each other. “Even in this moment of uncertainty, there is a sense of teamwork and adapting to the challenging circumstances,” he said, also noting that he’s counting on others to follow. “No donation is too small,” he said. “It could mean a meal or shelter for a neighbor. I encourage people to give. Every donation will make our community stronger.”

“Every donation will make our community stronger.”

– Adam Vitale


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