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Walt Sampson was passionate about his community and wanted the wealth he had acquired over his lifetime to benefit the community he loved. That’s why, in his will, he named Galesburg Community Foundation as a beneficiary.

Through Walt’s will, the gift he left to Galesburg Community Foundation was used to establish the Walter & Rose Sampson Fund. Rose was Walt’s wife.

The Walter & Rose Sampson Fund is an Impact Fund, meaning it can be used to meet the challenges and demands facing our communities as they arise. Impact Funds are unrestricted dollars that allow the Community Foundation to respond to the opportunities and needs of Knox and Warren Counties and can benefit the nonprofits working here through grants.

“For Walt, giving his wealth to philanthropy was an easy option,” said Galesburg Community Foundation President & CEO Josh Gibb. “Setting up what organizations to give to in a will is simple and is a great way to make a difference in your communities. Hopefully, Walt’s gift will encourage others to think about giving this way, too.”

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