Ryan Maloney is one of our many dedicated volunteers who share their time and talents to make our communities better.


In the midst of everything currently happening in our world, it is important to take a step back, reflect, and think about all we are grateful for and all the important people in our lives. Volunteers are one of the groups of people that we are especially grateful for. At Galesburg Community Foundation we have a dedicated board of directors, we have dedicated committee members and we have more than 40 dedicated volunteers at Community Treasures, our thrift shop. We also have the great opportunity of supporting and working with many local nonprofit organizations that are either led by volunteers or rely heavily on volunteers.

Once you have a taste for volunteering, it doesn’t seem to ever go away. Volunteering really is a skill, a gift, a talent in itself that you can share at any age or stage of life.

Our most recent print newsletter will hit mailboxes next week and we feature Ryan Maloney, a volunteer at Community Treasures and with numerous other organizations. We love what he had to say about volunteering, “You never know what connections you will make when you’re out there volunteering. Volunteering has filled so much for me. I hope people see that there are so many opportunities to give, and there’s so much to love about this community.”

During this National Volunteer Week, when so many of our community members are stepping up in new and critically important ways to volunteer, we say thank you. Thank you for sharing your time and talents and allowing us to continually see that yes, there is so much to love about our communities.

This is another great example of #SoMuchGoodHappening right now.

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