Director of Communications, Karlie Elliott Bowman reflects on 6 years working at Galesburg Community Foundation. Here’s what she shared-

“I didn’t know much about what a Community Foundation was or did before starting, let alone much about nonprofits. Here are the top 6 things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Philanthropy.
    Generosity is alive and well in Knox and Warren Counties. It comes to life in a variety of ways—formal and informal and it is truly making a difference in the lives of others.
  2.  Nonprofits.
    We have incredible nonprofits that are providing amazing services and programs here. They are professional, impactful, exciting, fun and focused on making a difference. From health services to the arts, to education—you have a need or desire—it can likely be fulfilled by one of our local nonprofits.
  3. Leadership.
    We are living in an area filled with incredible leaders. Some are more mature, some are super young, some with mind-boggling experiences and others are just getting started. It’s exciting. It’s refreshing. There’s always more to learn thanks to these individuals who are willing to share.
  4. Rural Living.
    Our rural communities are vibrant. They are alive and filled with goodness for the future. Sure, it’s not going to be a smooth ride all the time, but the possibilities are ours for the taking.
  5. Collaboration.
    Collaboration is key. There are so many great examples of people and organizations coming together and working together to do more, get more and make more of what they have to deliver more to the people they serve.
  6. Celebrate Success.
    Setting aside time to celebrate our successes is often overlooked. The title “party planner” should be taken very seriously—because if you don’t take time to celebrate accomplishments no one will. When we recognize and acknowledge our accomplishments we also stop to reflect on the journey that leads us to success.”

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