The difference between capacity, general operating, and programmatic grants

Capacity grants

Capacity grants are used to develop competencies, strategies, systems, and structures to improve your organizational effectiveness. These grants strengthen your organization to grow its impact and accomplish its mission and goals. Examples of how capacity grants can be used include:

  • Equipment: Includes IT capacity through upgrades to hardware and software, networking, websites, and staff training to optimize use of technology (no vehicle purchases or bricks and mortar projects)
  • Professional development: training, or travel for staff and board, fundraising training, speakers, etc.
  • Strategic planning: planning, facilitation, etc. of your organization’s mission, vision, and goals
  • Endowment development: creation/establishment of fundraising goals related to endowment building
  • Leadership development: supporting a leadership training experience for two or more members of the organization’s leadership/management team
  • Planning activities: including organizational assessments, strategic planning, fund development, communications/marketing, or business planning
  • Board development: may include activities such as leadership training, executive coaching, defining the role of the board, and strengthening governance
  • Internal operations: improvements to financial management, human resources, or volunteer management

You will be required to fill out a budget form when applying for a capacity grant through The Turnout.

General operating grants

General Operating Grants are used to support the general (administrative or core) expenses of operating an organization. Some of the expenses covered under a general operating grant include:

  • Rent
  • Salaries
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Daily Expenses

All general support requests should describe how the funding support will contribute to the organization’s sustainability; describe how the organization advances The Turnout’s Mission Areas; and identify the organization’s strategic goals and plans for moving the organization forward.

You will be required to upload your organizational budget when requesting a Turnout grant for general operations.

Programmatic grants

Program grants are given to support activities aligned with The Turnout’s Mission Areas and related to the mission of the organization receiving funding. Program grants are restricted grants and must be used solely for the proposed program. Program grants must be used to cover costs directly related to running a program such as educational outreach, program materials, and/or personnel (only as it relates to supporting a particular program or project). The grant may not be used for general administration of the organization.

You will be required to fill out a budget form when applying for a programmatic grant through The Turnout.

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