Galesburg Community Foundation works to improve the quality and health of our communities. We believe that connecting people to the causes they care about is a key ingredient to effective philanthropy.

We prefer permanent change to temporary charity. While charity is good, it is usually intended to help an immediate situation; GCF is focused on solving problems with long term, sustainable help that lasts. To accomplish this, we create endowment funds that permanently benefit communities year after year.

Your Support System for Local Philanthropy

GCF has worked extensively with community leaders, business professionals, Chambers of Commerce, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, residents, teachers, students and donors. We know what challenges our communities are facing and how best to provide help.

Our Team- Board of Directors

Carl Nixon
Dr. John McClean
Vice Chairman
Dr. Subbia Jagannathan
David Pearson
Harry Bulkeley
Joyce Coffman
David Erickson
Lance Humphreys
Lisa Gavin
Mark Kleine
Thomas Maloney

Our Team- Staff

Joshua D. Gibb
President & CEO
Jennifer V. Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
Karlie Bowman
Director of Communications
Tiffany Springer
Director of Grants & Programs
Lori Schile
Administrative Assistant


Your Community Foundation is committed to our local communities. For detailed information about our 2017 financials, click here to see our most recent audit. For more information, contact our office at 309.344.8898



Our Community Reports provide stories of philanthropy that you can connect with. You’ll find stories of local people connecting with the causes they care about to make their communities better places to live and work. We hope these stories inspire you to think about all the ways that you might desire to connect with the causes you care about.






Minute of Philanthropy

Each week we take a minute to highlight what’s happening in the world related to philanthropy.

A gateway to something greater

“A gateway to something greater for all,” Krista Bushmaker says without hesitation. “That’s what Galesburg Community Foundation is to me, and I know to so many others.”

He simply loved.

Rev. Jon Sibley Sr. simply loved people. It was in his laugh, his legacy of service and in the many interactions he had with others as a pastor, family man and as an Illinois State Trooper. “He was fun-loving,” his wife Vicki recalls. “He loved this place and he wanted to give back.”


Galesburg Community Foundation will begin accepting scholarship applications on Friday, February 1, 2019. Scholarships are open to students who reside in Knox and Warren Counties and meet the criteria. Applications must be submitted online. Deadline to apply is Friday, March 15, 2019.

Jodie Bondi is rarely without a skein of yarn

Her devotion to the hobby is for a good cause. Jodie is currently knitting her 3,507 hat for children with cancer in five different hospitals. Her goal is to knit 10,000.

ROWVA Works to Enhance Education Experiences With Chemistry Lab

ROWVA Public Schools Foundation has taken on the challenge of funding a new chemistry lab, setting a fund-raising goal of $165,000 based on the initial project bid.