Strategic Collaborations Can Help Sustain Your Mission

Join other nonprofits from across the state to learn how strategic collaborations can help sustain your mission.

Forefront, in partnership with the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning at Illinois State University, is hosting a Learning Summit about the principles and practices of nonprofit collaborations and strategic partnerships.

The event, hosted by Forefront, is Tuesday, October 23 at the Bone Center at Illinois State University’s campus in Bloomington, and will gather nonprofits from across the sector to explore new and creative ways to work together. Collaborative strategies are a powerful way for nonprofits to accelerate their impact. Nonprofit partnerships can help organizations expand their reach, deliver more effective programs and advance their missions. But effective collaboration and partnerships do not come easy.

To illustrate how strategic collaborations can work, David La Piana, of La Piana Consulting’s Collaborative Map, will highlight the benefits and challenges of various forms of collaboration and partnership and share examples of each that will help to inform participants’ consideration of collaborative strategies for their own organizations. In addition to an overview of options, nonprofits can consider for strategic restructuring, we will cover the process of assessment, negotiations, implementation, and integration.

Sarah Tapscott, director of statewide partnerships with Forefront said, “Nonprofits can create real, significant social impact through strategic partnerships and collaborations. By attending this summit, we hope to encourage sector partners to proactively pursue opportunities to strengthen effectiveness, spread best practices and achieve greater sustainability.”

Forefront hopes you will join them for this first step in changing the conversation around strategic partnerships, growth collaborations, and mission sustainability – not as a crisis intervention, but as standard operating procedure.

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