Designated Funds

With a passion for singing and a willingness to give of their time, the members of Choral Dynamics have partnered with dozens of community organizations to raise over $505,380.00 to make our world a better place.

Designated Funds are a great way to support local organizations. Designated funds are an efficient way to build endowment and sustainably support a nonprofit.

One of the best things about Designated Funds are they allow benefitting organizations to focus on what they do best and avoid the financial paperwork and processes. GCF ensures the organization receives the resources so they can focus on fulfilling their mission.

What Are The Benefits?


Designated Funds can be in honor or memory of a loved one or are a great way to honor your family.


Your gift will make a continual impact on the charity of your choice, meaning your gift will allow the benefitting organization to continue its mission and better contribute to the community.


Donors can add to the fund at any time. GCF can accept donations of almost any asset including, cash, stocks and real estate.


Donors and organizations both benefit as the Community Foundation handles the administrative details.

For More Information

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