Community Funds

Community Funds are developed by local residents and built with gifts from community members, businesses, service organizations, and other sources. They are guided by a local steering committee that is empowered to award grants that positively impact their community and residents.

Community Funds are endowments, which are permanent funds where the principal is invested and a portion of the returns are awarded locally as grants. Once a Community Fund is established it grows forever, creating a permanent source of financial support for local needs.

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The Power of Community Funds

  • They allow communities to address their most pressing needs.
  • They provide flexible problem-solving tools. No one can know what a community’s most urgent needs will be 20 years from now. Community Funds allow your communities to build the capacity to meet those future challenges.
  • They serve as a catalyst for community-wide problem solving and decision-making.
  • They provide a place for planned gifts or bequests for current and former residents who want to make a contribution.
  • They’re a great education tool to help a community learn more about the power of philanthropy and endowment building.

Support for Community Funds

Community Funds are an endowed fund of Galesburg Community Foundation. The principal of the fund is invested so that it continues to grow while producing a spendable balance each year that is used for grants in and around the community.

The Galesburg Community Foundation is a philanthropic leader for charitable giving in our region.  The Community Foundation comes alongside the fund to provide investment experience, administrative support, and planned giving knowledge that assist in the wise management of the fund.

For more information about Community Funds, call Galesburg Community Foundation at 309.344.8898 or email