We always are excited about the impact we can continue to make together. Our work as a Community Foundation is thanks to generous people who love their community and want to give back in the best ways possible. This statement is inspiring and motivating. There are so many people who love their community and want the best for it. At your Community Foundation we get to play a role in helping their visions for their community come to life. As the Community Foundation team and I look ahead here are 10 things to know about your Community Foundation.

1. Have a charitable vision? We can help you fulfill it.
We make it easy for our community members to be charitable. You can make a gift that makes a difference today or as a way to remember your legacy. You can give to one of our many funds that benefit Knox and Warren Counties or create your own. The Community Foundation partners with individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits to help you have the greatest impact with your giving.

2. There are a variety of give. We’re glad to walk you through them.
There are a variety of ways you can give to make a difference for the causes you care about. One popular option is a Donor Advised Fund, which makes it simple to give to the nonprofits you care about. Create your fund with you or your family’s name or to highlight an issue important to you. It’s a great way to involve your family today and for generations to come.

3. Strengthening local nonprofits is in our DNA.
Supporting local nonprofits through a variety of grant opportunities is a core tenant of your Community Foundation. We know that nonprofits without community supporters and community supporters without causes, can’t make much impact. When we work together, our ability to create impact is far greater. Thanks to local philanthropy, in our 15 years we’ve granted more than $9 million dollars to nonprofits serving Knox and Warren Counties.

4. A wide variety of assets can be used to make your gift.
We work with you and your professional advisors to accept a variety of gifts. From real estate, securities, grain, cash, bequest by will, life insurance, retirement plan assets, IRAs, retained life estates or charitable remainder trusts and the list goes on.

5. Professional advisors are an important partner when it comes to helping you make the most of your giving.
Many of our donors work closely with their accountant, attorney, estate planner or financial planner to make the most of their giving. We are glad to work with you and your trusted advisors to help you fulfill your charitable goals, while also ensuring your gift makes the greatest sense for your situation.

6. You have an idea. We listen. That’s how we provide vision and leadership.
At your Community Foundation we are pleased to be a part of many conversations and initiatives throughout our region, all aiming to ensure our communities are stronger and healthier for the future. If you have an idea for your community we are glad to listen and help connect and guide you to the best people, resources and solutions to launch big ideas.

7. Local communities building endowment are critical to the future of our region.
We work with communities across our region to establish Community Funds. Community Funds allow communities to address their most pressing needs and provide flexible problem-solving tools. They also provide a receptacle for planned gifts for current or former residents and provide a great education tool to help your community learn more about the power of giving.

8. Shop. Donate. Or volunteer at Community Treasures, our thrift shop.
Community Treasures serves our region from the heart of downtown Galesburg. We offer a variety of goods including men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, accessories, linens, houseware, collectibles and furniture. Community Treasures offers a full-circle approach to philanthropy as community members can donate, shop or volunteer with us.

9. Everyone can work with us.
This is one of the best parts of our work. People of all ages, current residents and folks who have long moved away. Business owners, young professionals, teachers, lawyers, farmers, retirees, students, formal leaders and informal leaders, the list goes on and on. We work with a variety of people who care about the communities that make up Knox and Warren Counties

10. Our Bickerdyke Society allows you to leave a lasting gift for the causes you care about.
The Bickerdyke Society at Galesburg Community Foundation honors individuals and families who name the Community Foundation, or a fund at the Community Foundation in their will. Bickerdyke Society members are generous, forward-thinking individuals who support our communities’ long-term success.

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Haley Sloss

Charitable Giving Coordinator

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Haley provides support to enhance the function and success of the Charitable Giving and Affiliate Teams. She ensures donors receive a personal approach to philanthropy through outstanding customer service by supporting charitable giving for donors and fund holders across the state.