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Three Cheers for the Monmouth Community Fund!

Now that the Monmouth Community Fund goal has been reached, the $70,000 raised by the community will be matched through a partnership between the Twomey Foundation, Galesburg Community Foundation, and the United Way of Greater Warren County, for an initial investment of $140,000. This will not only double the fund’s impact but will jump-start a plan for long-term stability and perpetual giving in the Monmouth community.

The Monmouth Community Fund is a way for residents—and those who love Monmouth—to keep wealth in the community and support it forever. More resources will be available each year as the endowed fund grows through additional gifts, investment earnings, and compound interest.

“I’m very pleased to see the Monmouth community come together to achieve this goal. Our future is what we envision and work together to achieve. Our legacy will be what we accomplish together,” commented Trevor Davies, Monmouth Community Fund Advisory Board Chairman.

The Monmouth Community Fund is led by a local advisory board, and under their direction, the Fund’s first grant cycle is now open to those who would like to apply for community and teacher mini grants that shape the future and promote the wellbeing of the Monmouth community. To receive a grant, applications must be submitted by June 9, 2023.

All Monmouth 501(c)(3) nonprofit or public charities, including churches, schools, and government agencies, are eligible to apply for a community grant. Download the community grant application.

Teachers can apply for a grant of up to $500 toward any project that will benefit your classroom and in turn the Monmouth and Roseville communities. Projects should take place during the 2023-2024 school year. Download the teacher mini grant application.

The Monmouth Community Fund is an endowed fund of the Galesburg Community Foundation, which provides investment experience, administrative support, and planned giving knowledge that assists in the wise management of the fund. The principal of the fund is invested so that it continues to grow while producing a spendable balance each year that is used for grants in and around the community.

Learn more or make a gift to the Monmouth Community Fund.

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