For one local family the saying, “Home is where the heart is,” could not be more fitting.

Home is certainly the place where dreams were made for Mark and Celia Godsil. Their home in Galesburg provided a loving place for them to raise their son, Zach.

Mark is a local businessman and Celia is a retired teacher, and today they reside in Abingdon. The Godsil’s consider themselves a typical family, not necessarily wealthy, yet comfortable with where they are in life. They worked hard as a businessman and teacher, raised a son, and instilled in him that life isn’t just about taking– it must include giving back.

Mark said, “I always thought how great it would be to get to a point in our lives where we could support the things we love. Life isn’t just about taking. It’s about giving too.”

Mark and Celia are big thinkers. They are planners. And, they are dedicated community members. They’ve always been big community supporters and dreamed for many years about establishing a family foundation.

The Godsil’s knew they wanted to do something. With the recommendation of their professional advisor, Tom Maloney, they consulted the Galesburg Community Foundation. GCF staff helped them learn more about donor advised funds and how it could help them meet their philanthropic and financial goals.

“We want our gift to last forever. We want our son and his family to someday carry on our gift and for it to grow. After talking with the GCF staff and learning about the simplicity of creating a fund, a donor advised fund made a lot of sense.”

– Celia Godsil

For the Godsil’s gifting their home was the right avenue– it was a hidden gem. With the gift of their home the Godsil’s doubled the benefit the community received. Mark and Celia also received a  meaningful tax benefit.

Celia said, “Every year we can give from our Donor Advised Fund to what we believe in– what our family believes in. It’s amazing to think that our one time gift to GCF will allow our family to give for generations. And we can direct our gifts. The community is reaping a huge benefit and we are, too. Life is not about what’s in your hands. It’s about what’s inside you. It’s that feeling you get when you give. And we feel good.”

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