At Galesburg Community Foundation our team often asks each other, “What was the impact?” We are focused on ensuring our work provides impact to the people and communities we serve and our grant dollars are an investment in the people, nonprofits and communities of our region. Whether a $500 Discretionary Grant or a Competitive Grant for thousands of dollars, our intent is to ensure the dollars entrusted to us a

Galesburg Community Foundation recently had the opportunity to award a Discretionary Grant to The Western Illinois Wind Band. The band made up of approximately 46 community members from Abingdon, Avon, Galesburg, Peoria, Farmington, Canton, Macomb and other local communities offers three free concerts a year. The band, a volunteer organization, is led by Bernie Potter of Avon and provides not only quality entertainment to community members, but also an opportunity for individuals to share their talents. From playing musical instruments, singing, conducting, or simply enjoying the musical talents of members, the band offers a great opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy music. Anyone with a desire to play their instrument is encouraged to join practices, which are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:00- 9:00 pm.

Needing supplies to aid with band practices and performances, Keith Underwood, a member of the band, stopped by Galesburg Community Foundation to learn about potential grant opportunities. Upon visiting with Tiffany Springer, the Community Foundation’s director of grants and programs, they decided the best opportunity for the band was to apply for a Discretionary Grant. Discretionary Grants are awarded on a rolling basis at the discretion of GCF’s President & CEO, and up to $500 may be awarded to improve the quality of life in the community. Awards are granted in the areas of education, physical activity, health care, and the arts.

The Discretionary Grant awarded provided funding for a bass drum stand and band stands to aid not only the Western Illinois Wind Band but also Abingdon- Avon High School band students.

Springer and Galesburg Community Foundation’s Director of Communications, Karlie Elliott Bowman attended the band’s latest concert and enjoyed a great evening of live music with approximately 75 other community members of all ages. The band played show tunes from all eras including Hans Zimmer’s Movie Milestones, Oklahoma, Pirate of the Caribbean and more.

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