Impact Funds

Knox Galesburg Symphony (KGS) received a 2017 Competitive Grant allowing them to present new opportunities for our community to connect with the orchestra. These community opportunities include their Holiday Pops performance, Concert on the Lawn, and numerous "pop up" events throughout the community.

Communities are forever changing.

Tomorrow will be much different from today.

Providing our communities with resources to adapt and respond to change is paramount to their success. That’s why gifts to Impact Funds are powerful. They provide essential flexibility that enables Galesburg Community Foundation to seize opportunities to meet the demands and challenges of today’s rapidly changing environment. Individuals and families establish Impact Funds at GCF to help ensure GCF can provide necessary resources when such opportunities do arise.

Many community members know the work of Galesburg Community Foundation best thanks to our Impact Fund. Galesburg Community Foundation’s Impact Fund is comprised of unrestricted resources allowing us to fund opportunities such as our annual Competitive Grants Cycle. Our Competitive Grants provide funding to local nonprofits so they can provide valuable programs to serve the residents who call Knox and Warren Counties home.

To learn more about creating your own Impact Fund or contributing to the GCF Impact Fund contact us today at 309.344.8898.