The Turnout Q&A

Things to know before you apply for a Turnout Grant

Who can apply for a Turnout Grant?

  • The Turnout Grant cycle is open to 501(c)(3) nonprofit or public charities, including churches, schools, and government agencies serving Knox and Warren Counties.

When can I apply for a Turnout Grant?

  • The 2023 Turnout Grant Cycle opens at noon on May 1 and closes at 4 pm on May 15.

What period of time are the grants for?

  • Grants can be used for activities occurring from when the grant is awarded in early July through June of the following year.

How does the Community Foundation determine the priority areas?

  • Education & Workforce Development: Programs and missions that attract, retain, train, educate, and sustain residents to revive economic climate in our communities.
  • Health & Human Service: Programs and missions that align, expand, collaborate, and maximize resources for positive sustainable community, individual, and family health and social services that improve the quality of life for all residents.
  • Community Enhancement & Art and Culture: Programs and missions that improve access, amenity, and quality of life and welcome and encourage population growth and economic stimulus.
  • Nonprofit Capacity, Mission Sustainability, and Reinvention: Inspire and encourage the untapped potential of the nonprofit sector.

What information do I need for the application?

What types of grants can I apply for through The Turnout?

Can I apply for more than one grant?

  • Complete one application for all funding requests for your organization (one application per EIN). If you have a request that includes capacity and programmatic funding, apply for general operating. Keep in mind that all organizations that receive grants will be awarded 100% funding.

Can I make a capital request?

  • Capital requests (brick and mortar, vehicles, new construction, etc.) are not eligible in The Turnout grant cycle. Please contact our office for information on requesting dollars for capital projects at 309.344.8898.

Why do I need to upload a 1-2 minute video with my application?

  • We want you to have an opportunity to connect with donors in a meaningful way, not just on paper. Information about your organization will be included in the grant application, so use the video to tell potential donors and the grant committee why you’re requesting these funds. Tell a story that shows the impact of your organization’s work. Show donors why they should give.

What if my organization has affiliates and we share the same EIN number?

  • We only allow one EIN number per grant request, so you should coordinate with your affiliates to make sure the application includes the total request from all affiliates.

Are there things that I can do to update the application before the cycle opens?

  • Review and update your prequalifying questions about your organization before the cycle opens. Update your Grantee Snapshot. Having current information in your Snapshot is important because there are charitable community members who will be able to view your Snapshot and may choose to support your organization. The Snapshot will let these individuals know your mission, who is serving on your board, and what you do.

My organization has never applied for a grant through The Turnout. Do I need to wait until the cycle opens to get my log-in information?

  • We recommend that you contact us before the cycle opens at 309.344.8898 so that we can set up your credentials and you can log in before the cycle opens. This will give you an opportunity to fill out your organization’s prequalifying questions and snapshot before the cycle opens.

I am new to my organization, which has received Turnout grants in the past. Is there a way for me to see past applications?

  • Reach out to us at 309.344.8898 and we can set up log-in credentials for you (do not use someone else’s credentials). Once you are logged in, you will be able to see past applications from your organization.

What percentage of the amount that I apply for can I expect to be funded?

  • Turnout Grant requests that are selected for funding will receive 100% of their funding request. No partial funding will be awarded.

How do you determine who receives funding?

  • Information submitted in the grant application (including your video) will be shared with generous individuals who hold Donor Advised Funds at the Community Foundation as well as our grant committee which is comprised of local community members.


How to Apply for a Turnout Grant


Where do I apply for a Turnout grant?

  • Access the grant application by logging into org/login. If you don’t remember your password or have not logged in before, call our office at 309.344.8898 and we can assist you. Please use the log in that is unique to you—not someone else’s at your organization. We recommend testing your log-in information ahead of time to ensure you can access the application—click here to test your log in.

What browser is best to use when applying for The Turnout?

  • The browsers Chrome and Firefox work best. Do not use Internet Explorer or Edge. While in the application, ONLY use the directional arrows and other navigational tools in the application, do not use the back button or other navigational tools in your browser. This may cause you to lose work.

I have completed my application and there is a button that says Preview PDF. Do I need to do that?

  • It isn’t required to view the PDF, but it’s a good idea. This will show you how your application will look when it is viewed. If something doesn’t look right, you can go back and make changes before you submit your application. You may also want to print the PDF for your files.


If You Receive a Grant


When will I receive the grant?

  • Grants will be awarded in early July.

Is there any follow-up documentation that is required?

  • Online grant evaluations will be sent after the end date given in your application. You will have 30 days to complete and submit the evaluation.

How do I thank donors?

  • The funds that make your grant possible are listed in your award letter. Thank-you notes directed to these generous individuals can be dropped of at the Galesburg Community Foundation, 246 East Main, Galesburg.

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