The Turnout Application Questions & Supplemental Requirements

Below are questions that will be asked on The Turnout grant application. Some of the questions may be pre-filled based on information already supplied to GCF and listed in your Organizational Snapshot. Answers may be edited on the application and are fill-in or drop-down selections.

  • What is the mission of your organization?
  • Proposal title
  • Provide a detailed description of your proposal including who will be served, what is the need, and your goals for success
  • Provide a timeline for when funds will be used
  • Total proposal cost
  • Amount requested
  • Which of the following GCF priority areas does your program target? Choose one of the following: Education & Workforce Development; Health & Human Service; Art/Culture & Community Enhancement; Nonprofit Capacity; Sustainability, & Reinvention
  • What are you measuring to know the effectiveness of your work?
  • What data do you use to understand the need of your work?
  • Do you collaborate with other organizations for you work, and if so, how?
  • What type of grant are you applying for? Choose one of the following: Programmatic, Capacity, General Operations
  • What percentage of the following makes an annual contribution to your organization? Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers

Supplemental Requirements
These items will need to be uploaded with your application:

  • One to two minute video presentation summarizing your proposal, including who will be served, community need, and your goals for success.
  • IRS Determination Letter (For first-time applicants or new organizations ONLY)
  • 990 or most recent financial statement
  • Budget – If you are applying for general operating dollars, please upload your relevant operating budget. If you are applying for capacity or program dollars, please complete the CAPACITY AND PROGRAM PROPOSAL BUDGET FORM, save, and upload.