Jack & Marge Hennenfent of Cameron stand in front of the greenhouse their donor advised fund provided to United CUSD 304 High School.

Donor Advised Funds allow you and those you name to recommend grants to charitable organizations, with the flexibility to change the organizations you support throughout the years.

What Are The Benefits?


You establish the fund by signing a simple document and making your gift. You select the fund name and designate advisors.


You recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations at any time of year you wish. The Foundation works with you to ensure your gift is used in a valuable and meaningful way, just as you intend.

Professional Investment Expertise

GCF is able to work with leading investment managers, including yours, if you desire. Foundation assets are broadly diversified among many different asset classes.

Maximum Charitable Tax Deduction

Your initial gift to create a fund – and subsequent gifts to support it receive the maximum tax benefits allowed by law. In addition to cash, the Foundation accepts gifts of  securities, real estate, and other personal property, which may help you avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated assets.

A Legacy For You and Your Family

Many people enjoy introducing their children and grandchildren to an ongoing tradition of philanthropy. Whether you name them or others to be successor advisors,  your fund continues and keeps its name in perpetuity. When there are no remaining successor advisors, you decide how your fund will be used.

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